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Article: Bouge Moi Custom Shoes Desgin Process

Bouge Moi Custom Shoes Desgin Process

1. Please provide clear photos of the shoes designs you desire, ideally of similar style, including details such as color, material, shape, and whether they are open or closed toe. Additionally, let us know the inspiration behind your choice as specifically as possible. You can send it to us via IG. whatsapp or email to

2. We'll review your request to determine the feasibility of creating the shoes based on availability of materials. Also confirm on the MOQ of the design.

3. If new materials are required, we'll send you photos for your approval before proceeding.

4. Once the design is finalized, we'll confirm the market selling price, sample price. Production will commence upon receipt of sample payment.

5. Professional product photos will be taken by us, and we'll send you the sample for your review and confirmation. Simultaneously, we'll prepare a private pre-order page.

6. You can choose to begin pre-orders once the product page is ready or wait until you've reviewed the sample. Pre-orders typically take time to reach the minimum order quantity (MOQ), so we recommend starting the process once product photos are available. This allows time for review before production.

7. Production will begin once the pre-order reaches the agreed MOQ.

8. We'll pay your affiliate commission quarterly, providing a report of your design orders and paying the 5% design commission along with the affiliate commission. Payments will be made via PayPal or Zelle if you have a US receiving account.

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Bouge Moi Collaboration Shoe Design Guideline

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